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Desde hace varios años, en ICEERS hemos estado implicados en la defensa legal de casos relacionados con la utilización e importación de etnobotánicos, especialmente ayahuasca, que pasó a ser severamente perseguida desde finales de 2009, y también en la defensa de casos relacionados con peyote e iboga. A continuación encontrarás información legal relevante, documentos descargables, asesoramiento de expertos y apoyo en caso de persecución legal.

Building a Robust Support Structure

What if, together as the whole community, we could build a robust legal support structure to assure proper legal support for those arrested for ayahuasca importation and use?
The Teacher Plant Legal Defense Fund came into life as a response to the increasing persecution of ayahuasca drinking practices worldwide.

During the last 5 years ICEERS has supported many of those persecuted, by providing technical advice, expert witness testimonies, and the provision of technical reports and moral support to achieve a solid defense strategy. In 2014 we took it a step further by organizing the World Ayahuasca Conference in Ibiza, where we brought together renowned legal strategists, lawyers and academics to establish the Ibiza Expert Committee for the egularization of Psychoactive Ethnobotanicals. The goal of this initiative is to centralize legal expertise and resources to strengthen legal defense activities related to ayahuasca and other ethnobotanicals such as peyote, iboga, etc.

Please contribute to the Teacher Plant Legal Defense Fund through a single, recurrent or match-funding contribution.
The funds will be utilized for the following purposes:

  • Legal advice and technical support to everybody in need.*

  • In-depth case support: covering legal defense costs; expert witness testimonies; direct legal defense by the Expert Committee lawyers; technical report writing.**

  • Ongoing international monitoring of legal/political advances and tendencies and sharing important observations with the community.

  • Creating a comprehensive website that functions as a legal and regulatory knowledge base for the international community interested in utilizing these plants.

  • Mapping past legal cases and regulatory information into an online interactive map and policy publications.

  • Management of a Database gathering all court outcomes and relevant regulatory documents.

  • Coordination and administration of the Expert Committee and all Legal Defense activities.

Now is our Time!

Together we can defend ayahuasca and other ethnobotanicals, so that each victim of persecution can count on the solidarity of the rest of the community, and pave the road towards legal, human rights-based frameworks for its use.