For inquiries regarding the utilization of ethnobotanicals, or in case you are experiencing an adverse situation or difficulty integrating and experience, please read this page. For inquiries regarding legal support , please read this page.

  • We don’t offer sessions of ayahuasca or iboga.
  • We don’t recommend centers or people who perform/do sessions.
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Crisis Support

Appropriate preparation and integration processes are an important key to minimizing risks and maximizing the benefits of experiences with these plants/fungi. Furthermore, it’s important to get professional help if you are experiencing a crisis.

Sandra Borràs

PsychēPlants Therapist

Are you facing a crisis situation?

  • Challenging reactions are not uncommon, and they usually resolve well. Crisis situations can be a source of growth. As much as possible, trust yourself.
  • Be accompanied by someone you trust who can provide a safe space, deal with your outside world needs and to whom you can share what is going on.
  • Keep a balanced schedule: rest, sleep enough hours, eat enough and drink water.
  • Use your body: Intense exercise can be helpful to decrease anxiety. 15 minutes twice a week can be of great help.
  • Take care of yourself: Be in contact with nature, take walks, massages, baths, write, draw.
  • Seek professional help if it gets too intense.
  • Try and stay calm, help is on the way!