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    ADF Annual Reports

    The Ayahuasca Defense Fund (ADF) is a program of ICEERS initiated in response to the growing criminalization of ayahuasca practices worldwide. We shape a world in which ayahuasca and other traditional psychoactive plants can be used legally and safely. The ADF unites state-of-the-art legal, scientifc, community, and public policy expertise in order to serve the community by working with defendants worldwide, providing reliable expert information and promoting sensible public policy. Below you can check our annual reports.

    ADF Annual Reports

    Thanks to financial support from the community, we’ve doubled our efforts to respond to the growing prosecution of ayahuasca practices worldwide, as well as engaging on other legal and policy issues related to traditionally-used plants such as peyote, San Pedro, coca leaf, and others.

    Despite this progress, as governments and border and customs agencies become more aware of these globalizing practices with traditionally-used psychoactive plants, we foresee that there could continue to be an increase in the number of arrests and legal incidents.

    The idea for the Ayahuasca Defense Fund was planted at the first World Ayahuasca Conference in Ibiza in 2014 and the program became fully operational a year and a half later. The formalization of the ADF as a distinct ICEERS program created a defined space for the work we’d been doing since 2010 to assist defendants involved in legal cases around the world.

    We hope we can count on the continued support and solidarity of the community as we tackle these legal challenges and build a world where psychoactive plant practices are valued and integrated parts of society.

    Annual Reports