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    Spotlighting Ayahuasca Statistics in Four Countries: Colombia, USA, Spain, and the Netherlands

    The rising popularity of ayahuasca has sparked fascination worldwide. The comprehensive research on Ayahuasca, Global Consumption & Reported Deaths in the Media uncovered contrasting contexts on ayahuasca and examined the rate of participation with this plant medicine across various countries. The initial report presented information on eight countries, ordered according to the prevalence of ayahuasca consumption: Colombia (0.8%), the United States (0.5%), the Czech Republic (0.5%), the Netherlands (0.42%), Brazil (0.37%), Uruguay (0.33%), Estonia (0.27%) and Spain (0.2%). 

    The following articles will hone in on four specific countries: The Netherlands, Spain, the USA, and Colombia. The Netherlands has a long-standing ayahuasca community but has tightened regulations on ayahuasca importation in recent years. In contrast, Colombia has a deep cultural connection with ayahuasca and has the highest prevalence of people partaking in the medicine among the surveyed countries. Despite Spain’s relatively low consumption rate, its local ayahuasca community flourishes, with individuals reporting transformative experiences and enhanced well-being. Meanwhile, the United States is the country with the highest number of ayahuasca drinkers in the world. However, it faces challenges with legal ambiguities and safety concerns surrounding ayahuasca sessions. 

    By examining the intricacies of ayahuasca within these diverse contexts, the aim is to foster meaningful dialogue on how to best support the ayahuasca movement while prioritizing the safety and well-being of those partaking in this powerful plant medicine.


    Spain has a decades long context for ayahuasca ceremonial practices, despite a reported low prevalence of ayahuasca consumption.

    Colombia ayahuasca


    Colombia has the highest prevalence of ayahuasca consumption among all countries with official surveys providing specific statistics.

    USA ayahuasca United States

    United States

    An estimated 1.3 million people in the United States have tried ayahuasca.

    Netherlands ayahuasca

    The Netherlands

    Our estimates indicate that at least 60,000 individuals in the Netherlands have taken ayahuasca at some point in their lives.

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    Executive Summary
    Executive summary of the report Ayahuasca Global Consumption & Reported Deaths. This report is 24 pages offering a rough estimate of the number of people drinking ayahuasca worldwide and analysis of fatalities reported in the media.