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The Duty of Care Webinar
ADF Webinar Myths Realities Legality of Ayahuasca USA
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Help us share important ayahuasca research findings with the world

We’ve got new findings on ayahuasca and grief that were just published, and other papers on the way. We need your help to share...

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ADF Webinar #4: The Duty of Care – Reflections on Ceremonial Best Practices

In this webinar, called "The Duty of Care - Reflections on Ceremonial Best Practices," the ICEERS team will share experiences with...

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ADF Webinar #2: Myths and Realities about the Legality of Ayahuasca in the USA

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Myths & Realities of Ayahuasca Legality (II)

Is ayahuasca a legal medicine all around the world? Second part of the series about myths and realities of ayahuasca legality.

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Country by Country: Legal Status Map