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    Recent Legal Incidents with Psychoactive Plants

    Andrea Langlois image6 m read - 25.12.2018

    Below you can find a list of recent legal incidents dealing with psychoactive plants all around the world.

    SPAIN (Ayahuasca) – Firstly, a new ayahuasca legal incident took place in Spain. It involved a foreign citizen who traveled with ayahuasca from Brazil to Europe. He was transiting through the Madrid airport. After three months of waiting for a decision, the judge decided not to prosecute. This person could finally return home.

    SPAIN (Coca) – A legal process took place in Barcelona involving a Bolivian national currently living in Spain who was been charged with trafficking. They caught him bringing coca leaf for personal use (by means of chewing) from his home country. The trial ended on January 2018.

    RUSSIA – A case involving a Russian-Peruvian has also been brought to our attention. They prosecuted the individual for drug “commercialization” and “contraband” with regards to ayahuasca, coca leaf powder, and San Pedro powder. Russian drug laws are very punitive. In this country, plants containing psychoactive compounds are illegal, and the laws do not take cultural factors into consideration.

    Recent legal incidents

    CHILE – Two ayahuasca related cases are ongoing in this country. The hearing for the case involving two Shipibo people from Peru will take place in March. There’s no date announced for the second case, which also involves a Peruvian citizen.

    ISRAEL – Three people also arrested in Israel with regards to a shipment of ayahuasca. One of them is a young shaman from Colombia. The charges and procedural situations are different for each person. The number of incidents in Israel in recent years is concerning.

    SOUTH AFRICA – The case of a 72-year-old woman arrested for hosting mushroom ceremonies in 2016 took place in the Western Cape High Court. The defendant’s legal team presented a body of evidence to show that psilocybin mushrooms are not dangerous or addictive. Moreover, they have untapped therapeutic and spiritual potential. On that basis, they also argued that South African laws, which ban this substance, are unconstitutional. In fact, they deny South Africans access to this substance.

    A man in the river. © Matt Andrews


    ITALY – Finally, a recent arrest reported in the Italian media. This is the second recent incident in Italy.

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