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    snake serpent ayahuasca tells literally
    Mexico colonization
    ayahuasca adverse effects efectos adversos ICEERS study estudio

    Historic Trial in Mexico: Healer Imprisoned for Ayahuasca is Released

    An acquittal was given in Mexico City in the trial of Don Jose Campos, a 64-year-old indigenous healer from the Peruvian Amazon who...

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    Avoid Taking What Ayahuasca “Tells” You Literally

    “Ayahuasca told me…” is a phrase often heard in integration circles, where people literally interpret messages as being “from...

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    A Historic Opportunity to Decolonize Plant Medicine Trials in Mexico

    Mexico is facing a historic opportunity to reverse past situations that have colonized the legal system by classifying mushrooms as...

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    Global Ayahuasca Survey Results Published on Adverse Effects

    ICEERS and colleagues have published a new paper offering the most detailed report thus far on the topic, Adverse Effects of...

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    setting ibogaine ICEERS study
    Studies & papers

    Setting Factors and Ibogaine Safety

    This paper evaluates clinical studies of ibogaine with a focus on administration settings, with the goal to identify specific criteria that may promote safer contexts for ibogaine use.

    ayahuasca espíritus
    Iñaki Berazaluce

    Carlos Suárez: Ayahuasca Tourism Redirects Faith from the Spirits to the Molecules

    Journalist, photographer and anthropologist, Carlos Suárez is one of the westerners who best knows the reality of the Amazon jungle. Suárez has been living for seven years in Leticia, capital of the Colombian Amazon, a few hours by boat from Iquitos, the epicenter of ayahuasca tourism. The author explains how the ayahuasca tourist has redirected his faith from the spirits to the molecules of ayahuasca.

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    snake serpent ayahuasca tells literally

    Avoid Taking What Ayahuasca “Tells” You Literally

    “Ayahuasca told me…” is a phrase often heard in integration circles, where people literally interpret messages as being “from the plant” as opposed to via their own internal world. David, ICEERS Support Center Coordinator, shares further insight.

    Mexico colonization

    A Historic Opportunity to Decolonize Plant Medicine Trials in Mexico

    Mexico is facing a historic opportunity to reverse past situations that have colonized the legal system by classifying mushrooms as prohibited substances due to the implications of international drug control treaties, despite their longstanding cultural and traditional significance safeguarded by Mexican Indigenous peoples.

    clinical trial ibogaine

    Clinical Trial on Ibogaine for Opioid Dependence is Underway and Recruiting

    ICEERS supports the development of evidence-informed policies and is committed to advancing clinical research. To support the collective knowledge on these topics, our organization launched the first-ever Phase II clinical trial in 2020 examining the efficacy of ibogaine for opioid dependence and detox from methadone.

    plant medicine ego

    Plant Medicine and the Ego: A Process of Reintegration

    This article, which is Part 1 in a series outlining ideas and perspectives from the Support Centre, is an interview with David where he speaks in depth about the complexity of ego dissolution as related to master plant experiences.

    bob sisko ibogaine

    Honoring the Life of Bob Sisko & His Impact on the Ibogaine Movement

    Ibogaine activist and entrepreneur, Robert Rand (also known as Bob Sisko) was one of the pioneers of the early ibogaine movement in the 1970s. He recently passed away at the age of 75 after a battle with liver cancer. To honor his memory, ICEERS spoke with his son Noah Rand and important figures who knew Sisko during different stages of life.

    hoja coca tribunales derechos culturales ICEERS ADF leaf courts

    Defending Coca Leaf Traditions in Court

    A new report Coca Leaf in Court: Cultural Rights and the Toxicological Labyrinth published by Constanza Sánchez, Dr. José Carlos Bouso, Pien Metaal, and Roberto Castro highlights the concerns with how coca cases are addressed in Spain, and the precedence this sets in other parts of the world.

    amphibians bufo incilius alvarius kambo

    The Multifaceted Names of Psychoactive Amphibians: From “Bufo” to Kambô

    Psychoactive plants and fungi are becoming more well-known, and we are beginning to hear more about amphibians whose secretions are also able to alter consciousness. The toad known as “Bufo” is increasingly being talked about in the media and online forums. The Latin nomenclature of Bufo alvarius is often used to refer to a species of toad that produces large quantities of the psychoactive substance 5-MeO-DMT within its specialized skin glands, most prominently, its parotid glands. But this infamous amphibian goes by many other names, scientific or otherwise, which we will get into more detail about here.

    investigación ayahuasca saludable research healthy

    New Research Indicates Ayahuasca May Support a Healthy Lifestyle

    According to a newly released study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, ayahuasca may help support a healthy lifestyle. The long-term impact investigation was carried out by the Research team at ICEERS, in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Madrid, University Rovira i Virgili, University of São Paulo, and Leiden University. The study assessed 377 participants taking part in ayahuasca ceremonies in the Netherlands.

    ICEERS Congreso Congress Diputados subcomisión cannabis medicinal

    ICEERS Participates in the Congress Subcommittee on Cannabis

    Dr. José Carlos Bouso, ICEERS’ Scientific Director, will participate in the subcommittee of the Congress to study the regulation of therapeutic cannabis in Spain, contributing his vision as an expert in the field of medical cannabis.

    ayahuasca guide practices ICEERS

    The Story Behind the First Ayahuasca Guide Published by a Governmental Health Agency

    The guide was initially published in three languages – Catalan, Spanish and English – and since then it has taken on a life of its own. The number of translations has grown to more than a dozen, and it has become, in its own right, the guide of choice for facilitators and participants for ayahuasca ceremonies outside the Amazonian context. This post reveals the inside story of how the guide came about, as told by its protagonists.

    Spain’s (Second to) Last Ayahuasca Trial

    Constanza Sánchez, José Carlos Bouso, Natalia Rebollo | April 2021 In March 2020, the results of a significant trial related ayahuasca importation in Spain concluded with an acquittal that paves the way for the future

    iboga ibogaine Gabon community engagement report ICEERS

    Iboga Community Engagement Initiative Phase 2 Report

    It is hard to walk a path you cannot see. A collective vision can serve as a guiding light, sup­porting community leaders, visionaries, practitioners, and policy-makers as we navigate through unknown terrain. It helps us remain focused on a future even though the exact path there is not yet fully illuminated. The purpose of the Iboga/ine Community Engagement Initiative was to engage with the global community to crowdsource opinions and ideas about what an ideal future looks like for iboga and ibogaine in global society.

    sourcing ayahuasca pandemic COVID-19 iowaska ICEERS Psychotria viridis leaf

    Plant Medicine Sourcing in Changing Times

    The sudden interruption of almost all maritime, air, and land travel worldwide due to the pandemic has opened the door for many communities to reflect on interdependences within a globalized world, particularly when it comes to “supply chains” for clothing, food, and plant medicines. One of the key impacts for communities that work with teacher plants (such as ayahuasca) outside of the Amazon has been the need to reconsider how they are procuring medicine for their ceremonies.

    Amazon jungle pandemic ayahuasca iowaska ceremony safety ICEERS

    Perspectives on Safety and Ceremony during a Pandemic

    This post is Part 2 in a series exploring the impact of the pandemic on ayahuasca communities (read Part 1). ICEERS seeks to support the community by providing a bird’s eye perspective on trends, movements, and the bridge between traditional practices and emerging ones. After the pandemic hit, we took the time to speak with a handful of individuals involved or are well acquainted with communities in Europe, North America, Central America and South America.

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