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    All ICEERS’ studies are peer-reviewed, published in indexed and high-impact journals and follow the strictest methodological and ethical standards.

    psychedelic social club

    The Psychedelic Social Club

    The authors propose community or peer-based structures as a viable means to control the supply of psilocybin-containing mushrooms and ensure a safe environment for non-medical use.

    cells policy psychedelics hallucinogens therapy psicodélicos políticos terapia

    Policy Opportunities and Challenges for Psychedelics in Therapy

    This study discusses the challenges and opportunities for policy makers regarding the use of classic hallucinogens or psychedelics in a therapeutic context, as they have become promising substances to treat depression, anxiety, and substance-related disorders.

    cannabis policy drugs European Union EU UE Europe

    Cannabis Policy Innovations and Challenges in Drug Policy

    Drug policies in the European Union have not included positions on the regulation of cannabis, making it difficult for them to speak with one voice in this field. Member states implement divergent approaches to drug control, with a lack of consensus regarding drug policy reforms. 

    enfoque subnacional España políticas de drogas política ICEERS study subnational approach drug policy

    Subnational Approach to Drug Policy

    This report, written by Constanza Sánchez (ICEERS) and Michael Collins (Drug Policy Alliance) and published by the Global Drug Policy Observatory, offers international audiences valuable insights into recent developments in Spanish drug policy, with an emphasis on reforms at the regional level, tensions with the central government, and potential lessons applicable to other countries and contexts.

    cannabis international treaty system

    Cannabis in the International Treaty System

    This document was submitted as an official contribution to the work of the 40th Meeting of the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD) of the World Health Organization (WHO). Since this meeting, the documentation has been available on an earlier basis according to established rules of proceedings.

    global drug prohibition regime

    The Global Drug Prohibition Regime

    In this article, we trace the operations of power, i.e., how different forms of power combine, compete and resist each other in the emergence, later evolution and the present dynamic of the international drug control regime (IDCR). We confirm the assumption that the prohibition in the IDCR, as well as other features of the system, has been the result of a series of political decisions taken by a specific group of powerful states at the center of global capitalist economy, and the USA as the system hegemon above all. 

    regulating cannabis social clubs regulando clubes sociales de cannabis CSCs

    Regulating Cannabis Social Clubs

    This paper aimed to describe and compare the legal frameworks and (self-) regulatory practices of Cannabis Social Clubs in Spain, Belgium and Uruguay. Aspects included in the comparative analysis are the domestic legal framework, the establishment procedures or practices, the characteristics of the formal organisation and management of the clubs, and their cannabis cultivation and distribution procedures.

    drug policy policies Catalonya políticas de drogas Cataluña cannabis ICEERS study

    Drug Policies in Catalonia, From Local Action to Global Change

    The first study in the “Lessons in Drug Policy” series explores and documents the formulation of drug policies at the sub-state level in Catalonia, first conducting a brief historical review of the social reality of drugs in Spain to contextualise why there are some specific drug policies and not others, and why these policies differ depending on the different territories of the State. 

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