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Claudio Naranjo ayahuasca

The Relevance of Ayahuasca in the Problems of the World



When community elder Dr. Claudio Naranjo took to the stage at the 2019 World Ayahuasca Conference, he commented that this would likely be his last talk. Less than six weeks later, he passed away at the age of 86.

In his talk, Naranjo spoke about the relevance of ayahuasca to the problems of the world. He said, “We know what’s the purpose, what’s the use of ayahuasca for people, for communities. But maybe the community of the world needs ayahuasca as well. Maybe society can be fixed, and ayahuasca is a tool for fixing it.”

Claudio Naranjo and the problem of the world

For Claudio Naranjo, the problem of the world is that we have become isolated beings, disconnected from our empathetic and instinctive parts. Sometimes, he says, ayahuasca helps people to reconnect with the animal, with our instincts, and thereby our love for ourselves: “If we reject, if we criminalize our inner snake, our reptilian brain, our instinct, this cannot happen without a profound act of un-love towards ourselves. So, this process of re-converting a dangerous animal into a sacred animal means that we recover the love for ourselves.”

A full English translation of Dr. Naranjo’s talk is available on

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