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    New edition of the Ayahuasca Technical Report and Fact Sheets 


    The 2021 Ayahuasca Technical Report, signed by 11 world-class international experts and researchers, is now available. The third edition of the report summarizes the latest research evidence about ayahuasca, its uses, pharmacology, legal status, therapeutic potential, and relation to public health.

    ICEERS published the first technical report in 2013, and since then it has been used as evidence in countless legal cases and shared with policymakers to ensure that they have accurate information related to ayahuasca’s safety profile and the latest scientific research.

    For the first time, we are publishing three fact sheets to accompany the report. These highlight up-to-date information from the report in three key areas related to ayahuasca pharmacology, therapeutic potential, and safety profile. They synthesize all the current and relevant research on ayahuasca and are a reliable source of information on what is (and what is not) known about ayahuasca.

    Highlighting key facts about ayahuasca and its therapeutic potential

    Both the scientific research existing to date on the long-term effects of ayahuasca and the studies in which ayahuasca has been applied as a therapeutic tool show that ayahuasca is physiologically and psychologically safe and, additionally, that it has interesting therapeutic potential.

    Understanding therapeutic applications, chemical composition, and the safety profile of ayahuasca through readily accessible information is key in promoting evidence-informed policy and practice.


    2021 Ayahuasca Technical Report

    The 2021 Ayahuasca Technical Report

    The 2021 Ayahuasca Technical Report includes 26 pages with all the latest research-based facts about ayahuasca, its uses, pharmacology, legal status and therapeutic effects, signed by 11 world-class experts and researchers.


    Read the report


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