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ADF Webinar #4: The Duty of Care – Reflections on Ceremonial Best Practices


In this webinar, the ICEERS team will share experiences with protocols and guidelines with the goal of promoting practices where benefits are amplified and risks mitigated. Drawing on best practices and harm reduction techniques, presenters will address: preparation, screening, dietary rules (biological or cultural meanings?), common problems that arise during and after ceremonies, training of facilitators, developing emergency plans, financial arrangements, proselytism, advertising, accountability, aftercare and integration.

Through this webinar, we hope to foster a duty of care among practitioners with the goal of ensuring the protection of the traditional cultures in the Amazon where these healing modalities originated and contributing to positive developments within the internationalization of ayahuasca.

Presented by Marc Baños Aixalà and Jerónimo Mazarassa.
Hosted by Bia Labate

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