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    Carrer de Sepúlveda, 65 , Oficina 2, 08015 Barcelona España +34 931 88 20 99
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    Barcelona Cannabis Social Club Study Tour 2023

    The Cannabis Social Club (CSC) model is a bottom-up approach spearheaded by civil society organizations to promote the well-being and safety of its members. In March 2023, ICEERS and The Open Society Foundations invited representatives from 10 different countries to Barcelona to learn about the CSC model directly and formulate working groups to explore harm reduction from a socio-cultural perspective. This mini-documentary  highlights the key impacts from the tour participants and how the CSC model can inspire international activism and policy changes abroad.

    A huge thanks to all the participants, presenters, organizations, and hosts who made this dynamic work possible.


    Sarah Russo
    Video Editor:
    Mylee Blake
    Advisor & Event Lead:
    Òscar Parés
    Jaime Abascal
    Spanish Subtitles:
    Igor Domsac