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    Grief During Uncertain Times and the Future of Therapeutic Uses of Ayahuasca


    Exploring grief – what to expect in the future regarding the therapeutic uses of ayahuasca.

    According to ICEERS associate researcher Débora González, grief is a form of love – it is the price paid for love. As we let go, of a person or of something held near and dear to our hearts, we grieve. It’s a natural and necessary process, not only for adapting to stressful times but also for personal growth and enrichment. And, while death may be the end of life from a biological perspective, what we’ve lost continues to exist after death, through our memories, thoughts, and even in our genes.

    During this time of pandemic, the topic of grief has become a topic of writing and conversations as we collectively let go of ways of life, of peoples, and of any sense of certainty about what the future might hold.

    Furthermore, according to González, the pandemic has generated what is known as frozen or delayed grief. “Mourners have not been able to say goodbye to their loved ones. They have experienced stressful funerals where hugs between family members have not been allowed and tears were shed behind masks. And, within these difficult times, many have also not been able to take space to connect with the pain of death because they are confined to their homes supporting family life.”

    Ayahuasca to overcome grief

    The potential for ayahuasca to support healing may be more relevant than ever because of the pandemic.

    The research conducted by Débora González and her team has shown that ayahuasca taken within a supportive context can help people overcome grief (read more on and here).

    At the 2019 World Ayahuasca Conference held in Girona, González’s presentation tackled one of the most difficult topics for Western psychology: the transition to the afterlife.

    “The day will come when we will witness the death of the person that we love most […] and when that day comes, we will feel a pain that we have never known before,” said González. The experience of grief is one of the deepest crises that human beings face, one that can lead to big questions regarding the meaning of life.

    Débora González presents at the World Ayahuasca Conference:

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