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New Study Highlights the Potential Use of Ayahuasca in Grief Therapy


Ayahuasca can help people to accept death and to alleviate the pain of losing a loved one. This is the conclusion of a new study, published in Omega – Journal of Death and Dying, in which researchers compared the intensity of grief in 30 subjects who drank ayahuasca during their grieving process with that of a homologous group of subjects that did not drink ayahuasca but participated in support groups.

Additionally, the study found that those who participated in ayahuasca sessions had a higher number of variables related to the growth following the trauma, such as the capacity to give meaning to life.

This study also analyzed the psychological processes that emerged during the ayahuasca sessions, comparing them with the psychological processes that the most evidence-based grief therapies seek to achieve. Three important themes emerged in the experiences of participants:  experiences of emotional release, biographical memories, and experiences of contact with the deceased. These experiences facilitated the acceptance of death, biographic re-signification, the reconstruction of one’s identity, and the continuing bonds with the loved one.

This study – conducted by researchers at ICEERS – is the first study to examine the therapeutic potential of ayahuasca in the treatment of grief. Download the article.

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