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    We’re grateful to have some of the leading minds in science, policy, human rights, and psychology working together to design solutions that will transform society’s relationship to ethnobotanicals. Their insights are helping build a more just and sustainable future.

    Our experts are available for speaking engagements and interviews in several languages and locations.

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    Press Guidelines

    A guide to factual information and best practices for journalists who want to write truthfully about ethnobotanicals.

    Common Errors

    A guide to the most common mistakes when referring to ayahuasca.

    Our publications

    Global Mental Health:

    Ona G, Berrada A, Bouso JC (2021). Communalistic use of psychoactive plants as a bridge between traditional healing practices and Western medicine: A new path for the Global Mental Health movement. Transcultural Psychiatry. doi: 10.1177/13634615211038416.

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    Technical Reports:

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    Cannabis regulation proposals:

    Ley de Regulación de la Producción, Distribución y Consumo de Cannabis. Grupo parlamentario PODEMOS.

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