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    Learning From the Natural Product Research


    The modern clinical use of hallucinogens. What can we learn from the natural product research?

    Genís Oña, Maja Kohek, and José Carlos Bouso.

    Natural Product Research



    About the study

    Despite the promising data on the safety and efficacy of hallucinogenic drugs obtained in randomized and controlled clinical trials, the field of research concerning hallucinogens requires improved methodologies in order to offer robust evidence to clinicians, patients, and also policy-makers and stakeholders.

    In this letter to the editor, the authors suggest that the well-established research with natural products (NPs) can offer valuable insights for hallucinogen researchers, as they remain one of the main sources for the development of pharmaceuticals.

    There are several topics within contemporary hallucinogen research that connect with the field of research into NPs. Thus, researchers would benefit from applying some of the lessons learned in that field to the clinical use of hallucinogens.



    Can the emerging field of psychedelic research benefit from natural product research? We believe it can. In this manuscript we delineate certain topics of research with hallucinogens that directly connect with research on natural products in general.



    “[T]raditional knowledge has played a central role when researching NPs. The clinical use of hallucinogens, however, does not much resemble their traditional use (starting with the type of product used), and, therefore, it could be improved. Further studies could delve deeper into aspects like the setting and the cultural frameworks within traditional medicine, using these products to identify potentially beneficial synergies.”


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