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    Quality of Life in Cannabis Users with Chronic Diseases


    Quality of life, mental health, personality and patterns of use in self-medicated cannabis users with chronic diseases: a 12-month longitudinal study

    José Carlos Bouso, Daniel Jiménez-Garrido, Genís Oña, Damian Woźnica, Rafael G. dos Santos, Jaime E.C. Hallak, Beatriz A. P. B. Paranhos, Felipe de Almeida Mendes, Mauricio Yonamine, Miguel A. Alcázar-Córcoles, and Magí Farré.

    Phytotherapy Research



    About the study

    This study examined a sample of therapeutic members of Social Cannabis Clubs who used cannabis to treat a chronic disease, with a prospective assessment of quality of life, mental health and personality variables.

    All the participants completed several questionnaires concerning sociodemographic information, drug/substance use history, mental health status, personality, daily memory failures, quality of sleep and quality of life.

    The results did not show significant reductions on scales regarding quality of life or psychopathology in therapeutic cannabis users over a 12-month period. Thus, medical cannabis could act as a substitute for other medications with more dangerous side effects.



    Rationale: The number of patients using cannabis for therapeutic purposes is growing worldwide. While research regarding the treatment of certain diseases/disorders with cannabis and cannabinoids is also expanding, only a few longitudinal studies have assessed the mid-term impacts of medical cannabis use on psychological variables and quality of life (QoL).

    Methods: The aim of the study was to assess the psychological safety and QoL of patients with chronic diseases who self-medicate with cannabis over time. We recruited patients with various chronic diseases who use cannabis and collected data regarding patterns of cannabis use as well as mental health, personality and QoL. Participants were followed-up at baseline, 4, 8 and 12 months. Hair analysis was conducted to confirm the presence of cannabinoids. 

    Results: Personality assessment showed a consistent decrease in self-transcendence and self-directedness scores. Neither cognitive nor psychopathological deterioration was found. There were also no variations in QoL. 

    Conclusion: Mid-term use of medical cannabis seems to show adequate tolerability regarding cognitive and psychopathological abilities, and it may help patients with chronic diseases to maintain an acceptable QoL.


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