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    New Study on Ayahuasca for the Prevention of Prolonged Grief


    Death is the tax we pay for living and grief is the tax we pay for loving. However, the mourning process is especially painful in Western society, which is imbued with a deep materialism and individualism.

    In a deep effort to explore this topic in greater depth, BeckleyMed is conducting a new study on ayahuasca for the prevention of prolonged grief with Dr. González as the principal researcher. Other studies previously conducted by the research team can be consulted in these links:


    Study on ayahuasca for prolonged grief

    At this moment there are openings for the following groups:

    Group 1: Conducts nine online sessions of constructivist psychotherapy and 2 ayahuasca sessions (Barcelona).
    Group 2: Only two ayahuasca sessions during a weekend (Barcelona).

    Those selected for the study must meet the following criteria:

    • Between 18 and 65 years of age
    • Have lost a first-degree relative within the past 12 months.


    Exclusion criteria

    • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
    • Cardiovascular disorders
    • Psychotic disorder or history of psychotic disorder
    • Bipolar disorder or history of bipolar disorder
    • Drug or alcohol abuse
    • Receiving regular pharmacological or psychological therapy for the treatment of prolonged grief during the study

    If you know someone who meet the study requirements and would like to participate, more information can be requested by email:


    Photo by Marko Milivojevic on Pixnio.

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