For inquiries regarding the utilization of ethnobotanicals, or in case you are experiencing an adverse situation or difficulty integrating and experience, please read this page. For inquiries regarding legal support , please read this page.

  • We don’t offer sessions of ayahuasca or iboga.
  • We don’t recommend centers or people who perform/do sessions.

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    Reports NEWS

    Navigating Legal Clarity on Ayahuasca in Portugal

    A new report by ICEERS thoroughly examines the legal framework surrounding ayahuasca in Portugal and discusses its implications.

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    Sharing Circles After Psychedelic Experiences: Basic Framework

    Sharing circles after a psychedelic experience involve being in a supportive and non-judgmental group setting, where participants take...

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    Cannabis Social Clubs in Barcelona: A Model Worth Defending

    With the arrival of a new mayor of Barcelona, Jaume Collboni (PSC) and his governing team, there has been a significant shift in the...

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    Studies & papers

    Social Dimension of Cannabis Social Clubs

    This study delves into the demographics, behaviors, and social dynamics of members of Cannabis Social Clubs (CSCs) in Barcelona from...

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