For inquiries regarding the utilization of ethnobotanicals, or in case you are experiencing an adverse situation or difficulty integrating and experience, please read this page. For inquiries regarding legal support , please read this page.

  • We don’t offer sessions of ayahuasca or iboga.
  • We don’t recommend centers or people who perform/do sessions.

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    New edition of the Ayahuasca Technical Report and Fact Sheets 

    The 2021 Ayahuasca Technical Report includes 26 pages with all the latest research-based facts about ayahuasca, its uses,...

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    Studies & papers

    Whole Natural Products in Psychedelic Research and Therapy

    The polypharmacology paradigm, as it has been named, suggests that promiscuous drugs could be safer and more effective than highly...

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    Studies & papers

    Communalistic Use of Psychoactive Plants

    The aim of this article is to extend the point of view that takes into consideration cultural context to the traditional and...

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    Studies & papers

    The Use of Cannabis for Pest Control

    It is the first study in a new line of research focused on how psychoactive plants can have an impact on the damage caused by climate...

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