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  • We don’t offer sessions of ayahuasca or iboga.
  • We don’t recommend centers or people who perform/do sessions.

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    Studies & papers

    The Effects of CBD and THC in Social Cognition

    The aim of this study was to determine the effect of THC and CBD in social cognition abilities, checking how CBD can counteract the...

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    Studies & papers

    Ayahuasca Consumption in Alcohol and Drug Use

    This study investigates associations between ayahuasca consumption in naturalistic settings and current alcohol and other drug use.

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    Studies & papers

    Learning From the Natural Product Research

    In this letter to the editor, the authors suggest that the well-established research with natural products can offer valuable insights...

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    Defending Coca Leaf Traditions in Court

    A new report Coca Leaf in Court: Cultural Rights and the Toxicological Labyrinth published by Constanza Sánchez, Dr. José Carlos...

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