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    All ICEERS’ studies are peer-reviewed, published in indexed and high-impact journals and follow the strictest methodological and ethical standards.

    ayahuasca ibogaine

    Safety in Ayahuasca and Ibogaine Administration

    The research team designed guidelines for managing adverse scenarios in clinical trials involving ayahuasca and ibogaine. These include detailed protocols for participant screening and selection, medication management, and procedures during and after the experimental session.

    setting ibogaine ICEERS study

    Setting Factors and Ibogaine Safety

    This paper evaluates clinical studies of ibogaine with a focus on administration settings, with the goal to identify specific criteria that may promote safer contexts for ibogaine use.

    ibogaine adverse effects study ICEERS efectos adversos ibogaína

    Adverse Events of Ibogaine in Humans

    The aim of this study was to perform an updated (2015-2020) systematic review of literature of the serious adverse events and fatalities associated with ibogaine administration. Special attention was given to those cases in which ibogaine was combined with other drugs, since previously concomitant use of other drugs was associated with serious adverse reactions and/or fatalities.

    iboga alkaloids ibogaine purity ICEERS study

    Iboga Alkaloids in Ibogaine Treatment Products

    This study is aimed to gain more insight into the purity and content of iboga samples available on the market. Consequently, we can evaluate the claims made by the vendors about the characteristics of their products.

    effects of ibogaine ICEERS subjective study

    Acute Subjective Effects of Ibogaine

    This study investigates the physical and psychological aspects of the experience with ibogaine, extracting categories that can be used to improve the assessment of the subjective effects of ibogaine and other psychedelics.

    butterfly ibogaine treatment methadone drug dependence ICEERS study

    Detoxification From Methadone With Ibogaine

    This study presents the case of a successful detoxification from long-term methadone dependence using low, repeated, and increasing doses of ibogaine. It means the first case report describing an ibogaine treatment with low and cumulative doses in order to quit a methadone maintenance treatment.

    antiaddictive effects ibogaine heroin opiates opioids efectos antiadictivos ibogaína heroína opiáceos opioides ICEERS study

    The Antiaddictive Effects of Ibogaine

    This study aimed to conduct a systematic literature review of human studies that investigated the antiaddictive effects of ibogaine or of its main active metabolite, noribogaine.

    trabajo entre iguales ibogaína adicciones p2p peer-to-peer work ibogaine therapeutic tool addictions

    Peer-to-Peer Work With Ibogaine for Addictions

    Drug users have played an important role in generating a theoretical and practical body of experience and knowledge, thus framing themselves within the philosophy of peer-to-peer work, which has favored the inclusion of traditional therapeutic practices in modern medical practices.

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